Zwei Seelen mal anders

Unser Lied "Zwei Seelen ", das die Gefühle der Transgender überzeugend widerspiegelt, wurde hier ins Englische übersetzt.
Und wer möchte, lässt dazu die Instrumentalversion ablaufen.


When I look into the mirror, two eyes, they gaze at me.
How often it hurts my heart, such lonely endless years.
I looked for me - not finding me, a life in a secret.
I faced the truth, what remained was only grief and worry.

Two spirits are living in my chest, they want to tell me something.
Two spirits are living in my chest, and I have a thousand questions.
I sensed it - I felt it - didn`t comprehend my own life.
I trembled - I hoped for - wanted so much to give.

When I see you in front of me, in wonder I look at you.
Feelings that I can conceive, because you`re both woman and man.
You are a wonder of nature, this gift was given by the Lord.
You`re not alone - just realize. This miracle you shall live.

Two spirits are living in your chest, full of love and understanding.
Two spirits are living in your chest, this strength you shall conceive.
Break all the barriers, you can`t oust anything.
Obtain this kind of freedom, instead of life in constraints.

Two spirits that go in unison through this whole life together.
Like-minded people and happiness, what bigger joy could there be.
And though will mankind`s understanding grow so slowly.
We`ll walk together down this long and winding road.